24 days ago - RitualGround - Direct link

Hello there @Majestic1890!

Thank you for your time and for reporting this situation to us.

Regarding the “Event Log window”, does it show anyone taking items or them decaying?

If there are some items being taken but there is no damage done to any of the structures, please reach out to us by creating a ticket using the drop-down menu.

Please include a screenshot of the event log window and your base’s location pinpointed on the map.

Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

21 days ago - Sarealac - Direct link

Hello @Majestic1890!

Could you let us know the day and the time of day when you last saw these items in the chest?

We will also need your character name and guild name if you are in any.

Lastly, could you give us the coordinates of where this chest is located?

Thanks in advance :smile: