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For what it’s worth there’ll be a recording up after the broadcast if you can’t make it.

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Crom coins are account bound.
Single use items are character bound and are a novelty. There’s some confusion as what those are and can be, understandably so.
Just as a quick clarification, one time items can be of two kinds: Orbs/Potions that cast a spell once, and Illusion Scrolls (one time Illusions-transmogs).
These consumables are one-time use and character bound as their use is limited.
One-time spells are basically a way to show the content included in Sorcery for those who have not seen it yet. If you have learned that spell ingame, this is basically redundant. These orbs will always be free if/when offered because of that and being gameplay oriented.
Illusion Scrolls are one time transmogs, and similarly to the Orbs, if you already know the recipe for the item, this is kind of redundant. In a way, it’s kind of like having a friend that owns certain DLC to drop by your server, craft some DLC items and leave them in a box for you.

These consumable scrolls do not replace recipes, and are generally offered free. There are also chances to get them free through the Store every now and then.

The rest of items in the Battle Pass and Bazaar are account-bound. To give an idea, they kind of work like current DLC, as in they unlock Knowledge (Aka feats) your characters can use to craft those items.

Another clarification as well regarding Battle Pass and progression:

  • You can still progress the BP if you have not purchased the paid track.
  • Progress is achieved at the same speed regardless of having purchased it or not (done via challenges in game).
  • In the hypothetical of having reached level60 in the BattlePass without owning it, and purchasing it after that, it will still grant you all the rewards.
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The Battle Pass and Bazaar stores can only be accessed ingame (from a tab in the same window as feats, attributes, etc).
So the one time use items would be sent to the character you’re accessing the Battle Pass/Bazaar from and claiming those items with.

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