about 1 year ago - AndyB - Direct link

Folks, no need to get at each others’ throats.

The template is the easiest way to deliver the information to us, but not necessarily a requirement.
All we ask is you are able to objectively convey the issue in a way that makes sense and can be easily digested and checked by QA to test. Snide commentary does not add anything to the report and just wastes everyone’s time and energy.

Now that’s said, the wording on the items in the Arcane Armaments bundle have been marked for review, so thank you for the report. There’s a couple other items’ descriptions that are similarly marked as well.

about 1 year ago - AndyB - Direct link

A patch note most likely, and those are shared across a variety of channels, such as Twitter, Facebook, reddit, discord, and here on these forums.

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