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Please use this thread to discuss Update 2.7 on Testlive.

Patchnotes: Testlive Update 2.7 (19.11.2021) - QoL, POI Protection System improvements and more! - #2 by Ignasi

Please try to keep the conversation focused to feedback about the current build on Testlive. Conversations about other platforms and topics should be kept to their respective sections.

Thank you for helping us keep track of feedback about this build.

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The PoI system should help prevent players and clans from blocking obelisks.
If the obelisk is surrounded by walls, foundation or any other structure, the PoI system will detect this as a blocked obelisk and the structure will be destroyed.

an example here - an obelisk is surrounded by a wall on all sides (it’s closed in). The PoI will identify this structure as blocking the obelisk and it will be destroyed.

Hope this helps!

5 days ago - Dana - Direct link

Thank you for all the additional information.
I’ve passed this over to the rest of the team for further investigation.

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