11 months ago - Mayra - Direct link

Greetings Exile, and welcome to our forum!

Thank you for your report. We will ask our team to investigate the dryer and texture issues.

Regarding the “lost” merchant, can you share more information?

  • Is the merchant elsewhere or entirely missing from the game?

Also, in the future, please provide individual bug reports for each bug you find to keep the forum tidy and assist us in further inquiries.

11 months ago - Mayra - Direct link

Thank you for getting back to us. Could you share some pictures of what you see in that camp?

Could you also let us know if you tried to walk around the area and see if there’s any interaction possible even if the merchant doesn’t visually show? As we are aware that some assets might be invisible/not rendering at the moment on consoles.

We appreciate your assistance in this matter.

10 months ago - Mayra - Direct link

Hey @RokyWolf,

We updated your forum rank to allow you to send images and links.

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

10 months ago - Mayra - Direct link


Thank you very much for the information and pictures. We’ll ask our team to continue to investigate this issue.

Have a great day! :slight_smile: