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Thanks for reaching out to us. We are aware of the issue and our team is working on solving it.

Apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for your support.

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Greetings @liquidand,

It seems to be an issue with the Japanese build of the game. However, if you find any issues on the EU version, please submit a new bug report.

Thanks in advance.

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Yes! We have finally reproduced the issue. It proved to be very elusive. It does only happen when playing Outcasts in a retail console. None of the other versions present this issue, and it does not manifest itself in any of our devkits, which is incredibly unusual.
We’re now working on finding the exact cause and address it completely. Having managed to finally reproduce it reliably is a big step forward towards that goal.

Sorry for the frustration until then!

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Yes! Finally. This was a tough nut to crack, because we could not reproduce this error in any way. It was thanks to our friends at Spike Chunsoft that we could find the reason. We explained it above, we could not reproduce this error in any of our kits, but it was so obvious to see when playing with the Outcasts version in a Japanese retail PS4 (or PS5).
The error seemed to do with a single corrupted art asset that caused an immediate crash when loaded onto memory. The same asset worked fine for any other version of the game, and in every one of our devkits and retail consoles.

Given the severity and urgency of this fix, we had to assemble a special version of patch 2.5.2 for Conan Outcasts exclusively. It is set to go out as soon as possible, but sadly this will mean that compatibility between Conan Exiles and Conan Outcasts servers will be limited until we release a parity patch. But given the circumstances, it was the lesser evil when trying to get it out as soon as possible including certification.

Thanks for all the help and your patience again!

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We’ll proceed to close the thread as the issue reported has been resolved.

Thanks for the feedback @Treeyou_anyone