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Are you tired of constantly being told not to eat yellow snow? Got a new hot tip that might help out a fellow Exile? Or one you’d like to see added? Drop us a suggestion here!

The suggestions we pick will be proudly displayed on loading screens!

  • Make sure to send your suggestion through the SurveyMonkey link: Loading Screen Tip Survey
  • No more than 3 suggestions per person. One is required, the other two spaces are optional.
  • Please keep it to 1 to 2 sentences.
  • This survey will be open until March 17th, 2023
  • Responses are anonymous.

Please note that the tips won’t be immediately implemented in game. They’ll need to be localized and implemented and that can take time; we’ll be sure to announce once they are in game!

7 months ago - Spynosaur_Nicole - Direct link

Not at all, always happy to hear feedback like that! You’re right, the timing is a little unfortunate. This was the best time though in order to gather them and give them to the devs in between updates. If you have a tip that you believe would be really important or handy for a player to know, I would still throw it in the survey. Even if it is in the journey system, it could be valuable enough to also have in the loading screen.

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