09 May


Oh damn well congrats!!! That is mighty impressive. Yeah I didn’t know exactly how the quiz would work and if it was something you had to let access to or whatever. I could only test it out live on stream but I’m pleased it actually worked fairly well. But congrats contestant #907 ;D

14 Mar


We looked into it but looking at Down Detector it’s a Steam thing messing with things.


Not at all, always happy to hear feedback like that! You’re right, the timing is a little unfortunate. This was the best time though in order to gather them and give them to the devs in between updates. If you have a tip that you believe would be really important or handy for a player to know, I would still throw it in the survey. Even if it is in the journey system, it could be valuable enough to also have in the loading screen.

10 Mar


image (3)1920×1080 218 KB

Are you tired of constantly being told not to eat yellow snow? Got a new hot tip that might help out a fellow Exile? Or one you’d like to see added? Drop us a suggestion here!

The suggestions we pick will be proudly displayed on loading screens!

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10 Feb


For you and @CodeMage and anyone else, here is the very first quiz. It was a while back, I think early 2021? But I’d like to do more if ya’ll are having fun with them!

Looks like most questions hold up except for question #7 due to the changes we made recently. So if you want the answer for it it’s: D: Grit

Quiz #1:

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To be fair a lot of them are super tricky. For example, the description text one I feel super bad about adding but I loved the description so much I had to add it in there. You did great though with 75%!!!

And I’m so glad to hear you learned some stuff from it. I think a lot of it are things most hardcore Conan players will know, but I was hoping some people would get some fun tips from this. Like what the black feather helmet does. :slight_smile:
Thank you so much for the kind words though, that really touched me and means a lot!

09 Feb


CE_AoS_Quiz33840×2160 1.63 MB

Think you’re a master at the game or just want to test your knowledge?

Try out our 20 question quiz! Make sure to scroll down after hitting the “done” button to see your results.

How well did you do? :eyes:

:memo: ...

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07 Feb


Hey all,

The issue regarding challenge completion is now fixed! Challenges will now progress correctly and can be completed again; relog if you don’t see an immediate fix.

Please note however, that challenge progression between today’s patch and now may not have been counted. So if you see it marked as “completed” during the time it wasn’t working as intended and get an error, you may need to complete the challenge again. Claiming it again should work then.

Thank you so much for your patience!!

24 Jan


Poking Andy to see if he was poking around and left something weird behind :poop:

03 Nov


:postal_horn:Hark, a stream approaches! :postal_horn:

Age of Sorcery’s next chapter looms over the horizon. Tune in November 8th for a glimpse of what’s to come!


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25 Oct


Hey all, sorry for the late reply.
Yes creative mode is allowed, good question, and one I should have posted in the thread. It’s allowed since it’s available to for all platforms. Sorry about that!

Regarding prizes, if you have everything listed, you are more than welcome to give it to someone of your choosing if you win.

18 Oct


Good question!
This would be any mod at all. We don’t want to blur the lines of what mods would and wouldn’t be allowed in the “unmodded” category.
So regardless of what mod you use, if you use ANY, it’ll go into the “modded” category.


YogctoberHeader1920×1080 1.52 MB

A harrowing wind starts blowing as Yog grows restless in his sleep, waking up to suffocate the world in his cloud of nightmares.

Yog demands one thing. A beautifully horrible place to spend the Yogtober together with his favorite worshippers.

Yog_Header_Wh... Read more

20 Sep


Closing as this thread is no longer constructive.

13 Sep


I would love to be able to put Conan Exiles stuff up on a store. That’d be so neat!!! No idea what that would involve though. >_> And you are more than welcome to buy the sorcerer outfit and “steal my look” on Amazon :laughing:

26 May


You are big WINNER1920×1080 160 KB
Credit to Liderpina for the background images used for this contest!

We asked for your best outfits to show off on the runway, and we’ve been :sparkles:...

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19 May


Absolutely! Sorry, I’ll make sure to mention this in the future. But you are more than welcome to give the DLC key away to family, friends, or giveaways or whatever. The winners will simply just be given a key to do with as they wish :slight_smile:

10 May


Just do the best you can! If you know the mods you used but don’t know what mods are used for which pieces, just make a list of the mods. If we need those specific details, we can get those later. :slight_smile:

08 May


@Azazane I think JUST to be on the safe side and cause potential controversy, I’d say don’t use any mods for an entry to the unmodded category. :slight_smile: Thanks for asking!

Also, sorry for the confusion. I edited the post to be more clear but we’re looking for ONE outfit per person. Indeed, otherwise I’m sure we’d get a lot of beautiful submissions from a single person. I’m sorry about that, I should have been more clear.

I also added the list of mods used for the characters in the images used in this post.

06 May


We can pretty much send anywhere besides Russia, and like, Antarctica. We’ll do our best to get the prizes to the winners!

@Sera67 Nudity is fine since it’s in the game. :slight_smile: But yeah, if an entry wins that wouldn’t be appropriate for, say, Facebook or something we would have to censor some parts to make sure we don’t get yelled at.

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