over 4 years ago - Ignasis - Direct link

Hey again, @Tiny_Montana

We’re not sure what could be causing this issue, as it’s not been reported by our players before (that we can recall), but it could be an issue with one of the mods. Just to be sure if it’s that issue or not, have you experienced this same problem while playing with mods disabled?

over 4 years ago - Ignasis - Direct link

Hey @Tiny_Montana

Got word back from the devs. The file path you see on the error message has nothing to do with your game’s file patch, as it makes reference to the internal path when the files were compiled. What we have to focus our attention now is on the Fatal Error itself.
As we pointed out in our Common Technical Issues thread, it usually is related to a specific mod causing this issue. If you could give us a list of the mods you have active maybe some users that are well-versed in the ins and outs of the mod scene (hey, @Multigun!) could help us figure out which one could potentially be the culprit.

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