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General (Mobile)

  • Added floating ‘New Topic’ button for mobile users (see bottom-right of screen) that stays with you as you browse a category, so you don’t have to scroll all the way back to the top to post.


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General (Desktop)

  • Breadcrumb trails for 2 layers of categories now fully show at the top of a topic when scrolling down, instead of requiring you to go back to the top to see the full trail.


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Conan Exiles Forums (and eventually the rest)

  • ‘Dev Tracker’ button at the top of each category now only displays posts from Funcom staff within the category you’re currently in. So if you click the button while viewing #conan-exiles:exiles-playstation it’ll show posts in that category. If you click the button in #exiles-playstation:playstation-bugs then it’ll only show posts in the PS Bug Reports category, and so on for all other categories in the Conan Exiles section. I’ll work on expanding this function for the other games later tonight.

Edit: Done for Secret World Legends. Will do the other trackers another time, it’s late :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Fixed category box display in General Discussion on mobile


  • Added little speech bubble icon next to reply count, so you can more easily tell what the numbers mean in each column without looking at the top. Desktop only right now
  • Fixed margins at top of category on narrow browser windows (including mobile), should result in way less dead space between the black bar at the top and the body
  • Removed category logos at the top of page when viewing a category on mobile, this along with the above point should conserve a ton of space at the top of each page
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  • Mostly finished new developer comment badge for threads!
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  • Funcom staff posts now have an updated appearance

  • New thread tag #Report-Received for staff allow us to mark a bug report that has been seen and reported without necessarily leaving a response to the topic. This tag should be highly visible compared to regular thread tags.

  • Solution color scheme changed from green to blue, highlighted checkbox so it’s more visible on topic list

    • Before:

    • After:

  • Also made my #adnyplz tag hideous and garish, as nature intended

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Minor update October 26 2021:

  • Moved topic navigation bar down to a consistent position and added a background to it so…
    • …the text is more visible against light backgrounds,
    • it shows in a consistent position on all category pages, which means…
    • …the New Topic button remains in a consistent position as well

image image1159×115 55.8 KB

  • Added highlight to New Topic button on desktop
  • On narrow browser windows, New Topic button now gets big and moves to fixed position on the bottom right of your window (similar functionality to what’s already on the mobile version)

image image720×423 68.3 KB

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Minor update October 27 2021

Pardon our dust! You may have seen some flickering on the forurms tonight.

  • Performed some cleanup/optimization on the above logic, should now behave more consistently across all categories.

    • There may be a few cases where the tool buttons overlap with the navigation bar, it’s to such a minor degree that it’s not a high-priority fix right now, but I’m aware of it
    • extremely narrow browsers may see some oddities with the category breadcrumb, but unless you, for some reason, browse at 20% width, you probably won’t encounter it
  • Removed category logo and description on narrow browser windows and reclaimed some vertical space (similar to current Mobile version)

  • Removed gap at top of topic when browsing threads on narrow browsers

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Minor update August 26 2022

  • Updating/cleaning up icons through various games and categories (ongoing)
  • Updated color of Conan Exiles Feedback category to pink, from green
  • Subcategory icons on main menu are a little larger and hopefully easier to see
  • Housekeeping performed in preparation for Conan Exiles: Age of Sorcery update
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Discourse pushed a new update which broke some styling. Working on fixing some alignments now - I apologize for any flickering or weirdness you may encounter on the forums today.

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Alignment issues with forum subcategories should now be resolved. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused! :adnybap:

11 months ago - AndyB - Direct link

Another post, another update about fixes to alignment issues. :smiley:

We’re also trying out a new location for the navigation menu. I apologize for making you change your muscle memory. It hurts me too, but I like the way information is displayed with this option. You may toggle the navigation bar on or off by clicking on the menu icon.

And finally, we’re expanding the available list of emotes as reactions for posts. :heart: will remain the default choice for Likes, but we’ve also added :+1:, :tada:, :hushed:, and :slightly_frowning_face: to the list. These may be used by hovering your cursor over the :heart: icon on posts, or on mobile, tapping and holding the icon.

You may ask why we don’t include things like poop, angry, or laugh emotes, and that’s because they have too much potential for passive-aggressive trolling.

Please let us know what you think, including if you love it or hate it. Thanks!