5 months ago - Dana - Direct link

Greetings Hellsingers,

Here is the Metal: Hellsinger known bugs list.
If you would like to stay up to date with the latest bug reports, please check out our Bug Reports sections for each platform.

List of known issues below:

  • Game may crash when trying to start level Incaustis. A workaround can be found here.
  • Boss might remain unreachable when it’s about 1/3 hp in Incaustis.
  • Players might get stuck between a cliff and land on Incaustis.
  • Cross progression may not be working properly between Xbox and PC MStore.
  • The screen can get darker sometimes.
  • All cutscenes may become just a black screen with audio on Steam and Gamepass version of the game.
  • The weapons may get scrambled when playing the Weapon Trickery 1 in Voke, rendering the weapons unusable and the Torment unplayable.
  • Character might clip through walls when attacking demons under specific conditions.
  • Completing all tournament challenges may not unlock the appropriate trophy.

*NOTE: This list might not be updated with all the latest known bug reports.