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Hello Exiles!

We’re going to be performing a little housekeeping on this category today (May 6); some subcategories will be shuffled around and named a little different in the hopes each section will be clearer. We apologize for any confusion this may cause.

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More layout adjustments may be coming in the near future. Keep an eye out!

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Sorry if the forum formatting seems to break periodically, that’s me tinkering in the backend :adnyplz:

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Today’s tweaks are:

  • Justified category boxes to center (so the poor lone General Discussion box is in the bottom-center instead of off to the left)
  • Category boxes now realign into a column on narrow browser windows
  • New orange color for PC Discussion section

I apologize again for periodically breaking the formatting on the site :adnyplz:

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Gonna be doing some more layout changes today and probably into the rest of the week. Things to expect:

  • New subcategories! PC, PlayStation, and Xbox will have their own separate sections for patch notes, servers & recruitment, and bug reporting.
  • The Testlive category will be moved under the PC section (since Testlive is PC only)
  • Servers and Recruitment as its own main category will be phased out in favor of having a section to promote your private servers and clans on each platform

The aim is to help de-clutter the Exiles forum frontpage and add more organization to each platform’s section. Previously, we did not have the ability to add an additional layer of subcategories, but we now have that option, so…we’re gonna use it. :slight_smile:

Additionally, please note the Isle of Siptah category will eventually be merged into General Discussion following the full launch of Isle of Siptah.

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Again, I apologize if I break the layout or the site while making changes. :adnyplz:

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Hi don’t mind me

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Alright! The Revamp is mostly complete; each platform (PC, Xbox, Playstation) now have their own subforums open and visible and we’ll start migrating threads to the appropriate sections as needed.

We’ve nested the other subforums (Help, Fanart, Feedback, Siptah) under the General Discussion category.

Things to note:

  • You may comment on patch notes threads, but you cannot create threads (only Funcom staff can do that)
  • You may comment on announcements now as long as the topics are open, but again, only Funcom staff can create threads here. What we’ll do is link blog posts and such from the website and let you comment here.
  • Each bug reporting forum has a topic template for reports

The Isle of Siptah subforum will still likely be retired and merged into General discussion following the launch.

The orphaned standalone ‘Servers and Recruitment’ forum is now closed to new posts, but replies to existing topics may still be made. Once we clean up the forum, we’ll retire the section in a few weeks’ time.

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If you have any comments or would like to rip this revamp apart, let me know here: Exiles forum revamp

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Quick update: Updated patch notes icons and added console brand logos to the Xbox and PS icons to make it easier to tell apart, hopefully.

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We’ve migrated posts from the #archive:dedicated-servers category to their respective sections; there may be some individual posts that are in the incorrect section due to the bulk action, but it should mostly be fine. We went back through this January; anything from 2020 and back will be delisted and placed in an archive.

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Working on little things here and there, sorry again for breaking EVERYTHING

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