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09/08 Update Patch v20200908.0404

◆Critical Bug Fixes
• Fixed the bug that the buildings were gone when you moved to another island while auto-saving. We're terribly sorry for the trouble caused by this bug.
• Fixed the bug that skill points were not properly granted when your level increased by two or more levels at the same time.
• Fixed the bug that you couldn't fish at some fishing spots.

◆ Bug Fixes
• Fixed the bug that Axe and Pickaxe didn't hit objects properly.
• No more invulnerable enemies will appear when you move to another island from this patch.
• Life of the enemies will be displayed properly.
• Improved the collision, so Cauldron less likely sinks into the ground.
• Fixed the bug that Wind Edge shot 0 edges when no enemies were targetable.
• Fixed the bug that Anubis's background music kept playing even though you were away from Anubis.
• Fixed the bug that you got nothing from the treasure chest when the level of your island was too high.
• Changed the color of the text of negative effects to red.
• Fixed the bug that money wasn't spent at the Seed Factory.
• Fixed the bug that the preview of items showed multiple models.
• Fixed the bug that other players could achieve the missions related to equipment during multiplayer.
• Fixed the bug that the description of cooked food contained the number of Attack, Defence, et Cetra.
• Changed the color of Minerals and Items to match them together.
• Changed the name and the icon of Cape.
• Added the icon of World Heritage.
• Fixed the bug that you couldn't craft or repair under the specific condition.
• Fixed the bug that the volume of some footsteps couldn't be changed via audio setting.

◆ System Improvement
• Modify the collider and the range of picking up. The buildings in front are prioritized from this patch, so it could be easier to pick up the building even you are not on Floor - Horizontal.
• Charmed enemies will no longer attack you back.
• You can't pick up Cauldron, Automatic Assembly Machine, Automatic Furnace while they're executing the crafting queue. This change prevents the item lost.
• You will gain a bit of Exp from foraging, gathering trees and stones, and fishing.
• You will get back the forgotten skill points when you reset your skill tree.
• The crafting setting of the automated machine will be saved from this patch.

◆ Balance Adjustment
• Increased the life of wrecking ball.
• Adjusted the parameter of Martial Arts because that might break the game(with the fists!)
• Changed the treasure chest tables and the number of treasures inside.

◆ Newly Added
• Implemented the new item Steel Chest: this chest can hold more items.

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