almost 4 years ago - urokuta - Direct link
9/6: Lots of bugfixes for SP and MP.

Singleplayer / Multiplayer:
- The market can now sell items at 12:00 and 24:00.
- Fixed an issue when catching a dragon that caused the game to crash.
- Fixed an issued where putting a fish in the fillet machine would cause an error.
- Fixed an issue where skeletons would say alive after noon.
- Fixed right-clicking items in folders to use them.
- Increased the hit detection on the axe and hatchet so it feels easier to use.
- Increased axe and hatchet damage on enemies.
- Chests can no longer be dismantled if there are items inside. (This is to prevent items being lost)
- Fixed an issue where houses were sometimes floating in the air on some maps.

- Fixed an issue where all characters were being fully recovered when someone else levelled up.
- Fixed an issue that was preventing non-host players from capturing enemies.

- Fixed some translation mistakes.
Note: We will create a channel to point out mistranslations in the near future.