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09/10 Update Patch v20200910.0147

◆Critical Bug Fixes
- Fixed several bugs including a bug where ore deposits change types when traveling back and forth between islands of the same type. (A -> B -> A)

◆ Bug Fixes
- Made the volume of sound effects correctly reflect the sound effect volume setting.

◆ Function Improvement
- Made it easier to place mining machines.
- Improved fall recovery. This will make sure that if you happen to fall under the ground, it will warp you back up to where you were last standing.
- Increased the display time of chat balloons.
- Fixed the respawn points in dungeons when dying to the last warped coordinate. It will be easier to recover now!
- NPC corpses will now disappear at night. On rare occasions, some NPCs were very attached to this world...

◆ Balance Adjustment
- Adjusted higher level enemies to have a higher ATK. We will continue to make adjustments to this so feedback is appreciated!
- Increased equipment repair success rate from 80% to 90%. Maximum durability recovery and a more refined repair system will be implemented in the near future.
- Strengthened Flamberge

- Implemented the [Veteran] enchantment. Obtainable from the ancient golem.
- Implemented the [Crimson] enchantment. Obtainable from strong crimson enemies.
- Implemented the [The Demon of Fire] enchantment. (Will be "Fire Demon" next patch!)
- Added dragon drop items.
- [Dangerous] enchantment is no longer obtainable from the ancient golem.
- [Dangerous] enchantment is now obtainable from dangerous-looking enemies.
- Made adjustments to [The Spirit of Fire] enchantment. (Will be [Fire Spirit] from next patch!)
- Defense reduction has been toned down for [Dangerous] enchantment.

- Weapon Polishing: Slightly buffed Attack increase
- Aerial: Reduced satiation consumption
- Frost Mine: Damage and ice count now scales with skill level.
- Summon Meteor: Damage now scales with skill level. (Difficulty landing hits will be addressed later)
-Time Lock: Mana consumption and cooldown reduces with higher skill level.
- Iai Slash: Now scales with level
- Blooming Strike: Max level raised from Lv1 to Lv6
- Backwater Formation: Nerfed to reduce even more Defense
- Counter: Buffed Attack multiplier significantly

☆We are allowing one free skill reset after the update due to the adjustments made to the skills.

◆ Newly Added

- New item "Brick walls" have been implemented.

- You can now hide the UI from the Esc key menu. Please utilize it to take screenshots.
=>When hidden, the UI will have some unstable elements. This feature is only for taking screenshots.

◆ Localization

- Improved some translations and changed some machine translations to official translations. (Still a work in progress!)

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