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When you say new hardware, this is on a completely new machine, is that right? Or you just updated/changed some hardware in the existing machine?

Can you run ck3.exe directly from File Explorer, if so what happens exactly? Any error show?  
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I'm sure you are right, this is looks like an Xbox profile issue, which of course we have no insight into or control over. Perhaps that crash did something to it!

Can you connect Windows or Xbox account support on that?  
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Marcquez said: My understanding is that this starts of as a bug in CK3, that must be linked to the new ck3 tours.
If you disable that DLC in our launcher, does the problem remain or go away?

Marcquez said: Edit: Made a post on the MS forum: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us...upt-xbox/6c621660-c26c-45f9-8e68-d77b534fb67c
I hope that gets you some help!  
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Marcquez said: How can I disable these DLC?
Not seeing any toggle for this in the settings or mod section (which is empty).
That would normally mean you have no DLCs. Do you in fact own any? Do you see them in the game when you run it in the working profile??

If you have none then of course they cannot be causing your problem.

Marcquez said: Also called MS support, but they could not help. They did not see anything wrong with the profile.
Well clearly there is something different about it that stops this game from running!  
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SundoFox said: @AndrewT Has the problem been passed on to the programmers? As Marcquez says, I also think it's more of a problem between Paradox and Microsoft
The game's developers can do nothing about a problem in a Windows user profile, which is the OP's issue here.

Marcquez said: Edit: I have asked MS for a refund just now as I was on the limit (14 days) of when I bought the dlc.
I'm sorry to hear that but I completely understand!

If you were to get the game on Steam or elsewhere, I'm sure you'd not have the same problem.  
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I'll raise it with my manager now. AFAICS the only fix that could come from Paradox would be some way of bypassing the initial save file read, say a launch option - but does Gamepass even support those?

Have you tried contacting Gamepass support to get those save files deleted from their end?  

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