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Blangyman said: Graphics - Intel Iris Graphics 6100 1536 MB
This is the problem I'm afraid - Intel video systems are not supported hardware for this game on Mac. Unless you have another machine you can run on, OR have Apple Bootcamp installed (as some Intels are supported under Windows) please seek a refund from where you got the game.

Sorry about that!  
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The fact is Intels are simply slower and less capable than a proper GPU under any OS. And it affects Macs more because Apple's implementation and frankly support of openGL these days is poor.  
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frankralle said: My point is that it's a weird commercial decision to make a mac-port that basically only works on high end 15'' and 16'' MBP and high end iMacs. That's like making an iOS app that crashes on every Iphone excluding Iphone 11 PRO. You cater to an already small market, but then decide to exclude most of it. Why bother at all then only to make most mac customers be frustrated with the high minimum requirements?
It's been the case for every game (PDS or PI) since our first Mac port CK2 .... the commercial decision is not between all Macs vs non-Intel Macs, but non-Intel Mac support vs no Mac support at all. We'd have to cripple the games too much to get acceptable performance on Intel Macs.

FYI the Mac market is < 5% of our sales, so I guess the extra effort to product a special low-res version for Intel Macs is not seen as being likely to produce a ROI.  

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