almost 3 years ago - Mike_Weicker - Direct link

Player.log is the right file, as a text file it compresses very well. If you give it a zip it should work better.

General info can be found at but if you hand us the log, I can take a look too.

almost 3 years ago - Mike_Weicker - Direct link

I went through it last night and it doesn’t have anything conclusive as to what is causing the issue. The massively repeated error that is there appears in many logs that aren’t having crashing issues so it might be related but we don’t have enough information yet on the issue.

If you have a second monitor, could you monitor your system memory usage while playing to see if it’s capping out?

almost 3 years ago - Mike_Weicker - Direct link

Well, here’s hoping it keeps going smooth. If you do notice any correlation between specific other programs running and crashes happening, I would be very interested to know. We have some general fixes to some crashes that people are having coming down the pipe.

2 months ago - FatsharkJulia - Direct link

Unfortunately, the crash data is actually missing from your logs, which is an issue in itself. Until we can see that crash data, we’re somewhat limited, but we’ll look in to this.