18 Jun


There is a lot of speculation as to how we are planning on implementing an economy going on in this thread. I’m not sure that the conversation is overly constructive any more. We are well aware of the issues raised by everyone in this thread. Yes I’ve read it all. I would very strongly advise reeling in the assumptions.

17 Jun


I had to read the comments to even see what this was about…and I already know which skills are coming…


…and we’re back on topic.

One thing we’ve learned is that the vast majority of people won’t read a warning message. Those that do will rarely read it all and will most of the time will skim it. This gets worse and worse the longer the message is.

What you’ve proposed is essentially already written there. Some details about level cap are missing but how the respec system works is there already.

One thing we are planning to do is a more in your face game guide.

One thing I really love about civ6 is that you can right click on almost any UI icon and it will open the civilopedia (guide) entry for that thing. While I don’t want to do that exactly, adding buttons in the popups to quick link to the game guide for more info would help get more detailed information in front of people more quickly and easily when looking for it. I see frequently that people don’t even know we have aaln in game guide.

08 Jun


Lol, ultra wrong. Autocorrect sucks.



I probably should have mentioned it earlier but if you’re doing a lot of fresh loads, ninite.com is your friend for getting the little things back up. It cuts out all the extra bloatware crap and installs/updates multiple programs all at once.

07 Jun


Well, I’m glad we’re making progress at least. Sucks that it’s been such a slog. The only relevant thing in the log files at all was just that it was basically being blocked from going to the internet somehow as you had already pointed out.

From your log file:
Curl error 6: Could not resolve host: api.lastepoch.com
Curl error 6: Could not resolve host: cdp.cloud.unity3d.com
Curl error 6: Could not resolve host: config.uca.cloud.unity3d.com

06 Jun


Well, based on the times that these come in at, you are either an ultra night owl or we are on inverse time zones. I have been keeping up with the progress but I don’t really have much useful to say yet.

Fresh install on a new ssd sounds like a very good way to go at this point.

I took a peek at some of the log files. I haven’t made it through all of them yet but I’ve seen nothing significant at all.

I know you don’t want to do it but win 10 is by far the most stable, widely used and playtested OS that we have. The population of people we have not running win 10 is teeny tiny…

I know some people have gotten mint to work but it isn’t technically one of our supported OS’s. If it doesn’t work and you’re feeling adventurous, you can try Ubuntu too.


It’s fine to post opinions on the topic. Attacking other people’s opinions or reasoning is not constructive.

Topic locked, try again next time.

03 Jun


That is part of one of several lines we are exploring yea. It has some pitfalls but it’s also promising.


I get what you’re saying about not enjoying the system and that’s totally valid. We are actively working to improve crafting core functionality and player experience. I have been very careful to not suggest that the system is perfect or that it is providing the exact experience we want, because it isn’t. I’m just really trying very hard to dispel this myth that the numbers are inaccurate or that the player is being lied to. I’ve seen so many comments along the lines of “with the bugged crafting system…”. Just accepting it as fact that the numbers are wrong.

The system isn’t perfect and we are working on that. In the meantime, it’s not bugged is just about all I can say in response to those types of posts.

02 Jun


The percentage chance to fracture did not change in 0.8.2. The percentage chance to fracture is accurate. If you believe it to not be accurate then please record a significant number of contiguous crafts where your fracture rate is too high and link it to me. I know this isn’t really what you want to hear but it is likely right and as a human, you are disproportionately remembering the failures vs the successes.

I understand that it is frustrating but if I’m way off on what’s going on, I’m curious how would you suggest we fix it?

01 Jun


I take a little exception with the XCOM comparison because you have a real world representation of the scenario that makes the percentage seem ridiculous. That’s not what’s happening here at all.


Hey, I just wanted to clear up a little misconception about the CTs. They don’t get a ton of extra information. We are attempting to get feedback from them that is relevant so the environment needs to be similar to what everyone would experience if we had launched that patch in the state we give it to them.

We answer questions from them with the same detail that we answer the general community. If we tell them something about how a mechanic works, we also tell the community at large.

31 May


Each craft is independent yes that is true. I was trying to illustrate the point that if you are crafting an item from 100% down to 60%, chances are that in that time, it will fracture.

If you’ve made it to 60%, it is a 60% chance of success.


I appreciate that you are giving feedback on the way it feels. That’s valuable feedback. It isn’t bugged but I totally hear you that it feels that way. This is something that we are working to remedy and have a prototype that we have been testing but it isn’t quite right.

So, finding that 80% of items fracture by 60% success rate actually makes a lot of sense if you do the math behind it.

Let’s say an item starts at 95% success rate and goes down by 5% each time you craft. I know that’s not quite right but I’m assuming you’re using some glyphs in there too and just as a thought experiment it’s representative enough for now.

The chance that you get the item all the way down to 60% and succeed on that craft is 0.95 * 0.9 * 0.85 * 0.8…*0.6. The percent chance that all those crafts are successful is 11.9% so getting an item crafted that many times successfully is really actually quite rare. All of the crafts are above 60% and half of them are in that 80%+ range wher...

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29 May


Yea, not much I can do for you right now. Looking at log files on my phone is a maddening experience at the best of times so I’ll have to look at it later.

I’m actually a senior developer and am one of the main coders. I’ll try and take a closer look later.


Hey there, sorry you haven’t heard from support yet. They are a little busy at the moment but are working through tickets as fast as they can.

I’m just on my phone this morning and I gave this thread some searches for suggestions and it looks like you’ve tried most things that would help.

I did notice that your steam repair always finds 1.3gb to repair. Almost like something is automatically removing 1.3gb of files or maybe is attempting to edit files in a protected folder.

I’m not sure exactly what’s happening but given the consistent repair size and the startup crashes, that’s where I would look first.

I’m sorry if this has already been suggested but is it possible that your antivirus program is finding a false positive and deleting a chunk of files? It should have a record of which files it has expired recently. You can also set the install directory as an ignored folder temporarily to test. I would still do one more validation after turning it off.

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26 May


I know the last 2 were kinda short but this week will be back to the longer format because I’ll be much less busy.

Also, love this thread, makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

24 May


The miscommunication there is likely my fault. I probably just thought it was how it was supposed to work and didn’t dig too deep.

It wasn’t the intended initial design by our lead designer. The main problem with the breakpoints like that is it has exponential increasing returns with higher and higher investment. As the increased effectiveness goes up the damage it deals goes up and interval goes down so they multiply with each other. The rate that the returns increase at is increasing.

In general we tend to avoid increasing returns but increasing increasing returns is a problem.

21 May


Yea, just to be clear, I’m not defending the system itself. Just the implementation of the system. This is something that we are taking very seriously and have been working on updates to the system for quite a while now. They weren’t quite ready to incorporate into this patch so we pushed them back.