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Do you have any crash reports (produced when Darktide crashes) that you could paste here, please?

5 months ago - FatsharkJulia - Direct link
  1. Reproduce the crash
  2. A window should be displayed prompting you to enter what you were doing prior to the crash occurring
  3. Enter the requested information and press ‘Save’
  4. Another window containing a long ‘GUID’ string and an option to ‘Copy to Clipboard’ should be displayed
  5. Please click the ‘Copy to Clipboard’ button and paste it in here
5 months ago - FatsharkJulia - Direct link

Thank you for the crash report. This is one of our standard GPU-related crashes, and we would expect to see the Windows error produced alongside it so this isn’t necessarily something wrong with your PC, but instead likely something we need to address (and are working on!).

It may help to switch to the experimental build: KNOWN ISSUE: Crashing at Random, Due to GPU-Related Errors (+ Experimental Build Instructions)

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