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Can you eloborate a little more on exactly what the problem is and maybe post a video. The regular hold right click and press and hold left click works fine for me on both live and the cirrent internal build


Oh you won’t be banned for using the mod!

22 Sep


Are there any remaining solutions on that list you haven’t tried? They are the only known solutions we have for these particular corruption errors unfortunately - any time a new solution is uncovered, we add it to the list.

I understand this is disappointing if you’ve exhausted everything already. I can assist with a refund alternatively.


Hey, as the use of mods is to be done at players own risk, I can’t guarantee that there will be any warning if any action will be taken against this particular mod, and Fatshark will not be able to help with accounts losing gear, characters, or other data as a result of using it as per our policy.


The data from our systems I tailor into reports I share to the whole company - fortnightly for Darktide and Monthly for Vermintide and try and present it with qualitative data. I also present these in our companywide meetings so no reports get missed! I also have meetings and many other ways in which I use this data…What i’m trying to say is yes, they care and listen to the data I present and seek me out to get more nuance on issues frequently.

I know they do care, and there is obviously concern around the current crafting systems, and I don’t think this is the end of the changes, but there isn’t much more information we are ready to share on this right now.

For sure there is a lot of feedback about it online, and I have tonnes of links to reddit and these forums to help strengthen my arguments- but something I am frequently reminded of along with all the feedback online it is important to take into account all the players who don’t give feedback or don’t comment, it’...

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Honestly it would be really helpful for me if the memorial was split between before and after the last update to crafting e.g August 8th. I have overview data from programs we use, but its less personal than a list of names.

21 Sep


It will be yes!


It comes with the Blitz and Ultimate and then you flesh it out from there!

Hello Devoted Rejects!
My name is Mats Andersson, also known as the resident Combat guy, Lead Combat Designer or just “Ratherdone” around the interwebs. I’d like to tell the story of the Darktide team's new take on classes and all the player choice and build availability that comes with it. This update is the result of a wide collaboration throughout the project as changing the core of what defines a player character has far-reaching implications on many parts of the game.

First off, we’ve always looked at Darktide as a game where you define your own character and play style. Much more so than in our previous tide-games. The idea that we’d be less prescriptive in the way we present who you play always has some friction with the class system. It is just natural that presenting a class, full with loadout restrictions, abilities and talent packages, comes with a heavy lore-package and a specific “you’re choosing to play THIS GUY”. We wanted to change that. We wanted to make... Read more
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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.

I’ve sent you a DM!

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Sorry for the trouble. There have been some improvements to the spawning that are not yet public which should stop this from occurring in the future.

Thank you for the report!

20 Sep


I'll look into it tomorrow


Would you be able to upload your most recent console logs, please? I will query this with our developers, or alternatively, I’m happy to help with a refund.

19 Sep


No problem - I’ve refunded the purchase for you.


Thank you for sharing! I’ve raised this to our database.


I have queried this with our developers, and I will report back to you as soon as I’ve received a response. Sorry about this.

18 Sep


Please check the Windows Event Viewer - are there any errors that correspond with when this occurs?

  1. Press the Windows key
  2. Conduct a search for ‘Event Viewer’ and select the app
  3. In the sidebar, expand the ‘Windows Logs’ dropdown
  4. Select ‘System’
  5. Search for errors that correspond with Darktide losing responsiveness

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