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We are aware of and working on the poor performance being reported after the latest patch.

In the mean time, switching to the experimental build should resolve this.

Instructions on how to switch to the experimental build can be seen below, and you can opt out at any time by deselecting the build within the dropdown.

Please bear in mind that this is experimental! This means certain aspects of Darktide, such as player portraits, may be missing.


  1. Open the Steam client
  2. Right-click Darktide in your Steam library
  3. Select ‘Properties’
  4. Select ‘Betas’
  5. Enter the password cTYPtKTsfMDsLHAV
  6. Select ‘Check Code’
  7. Select the ‘None’ dropdown, and experimental - Experimental Builds should now be within the list
  8. Select experimental - Experimental Builds
  9. Close the pop-up window
  10. A download should now start
  11. Play!

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