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For real though - It's like people have never had a creative surge in their lives.

"Oh, this thing I made in this one medium is dope, I love it! I wonder what it'd be like in another medium?" - this is, to me, a common occurrence in creative endeavors.

The big kicker, to me, is most of y'all aren't even using modding to spice up your games - and that's some of the easiest integrated modding support I've ever used. Folks out here crying about a board game that's still in development, cuz they want 'more content '- but turn away from the 'more content' that's out there.

Me, personally? I'm gonna buy the board game. I'm gonna play it. I'ma lose the pieces. I'm gonna have fun, and keep having fun with DRG itself - and ya know what? No crying brat who can't handle artistic/creative growth and experimentation is gonna change my mind with their little forum posts. Tantrum-prone children vacating the community because they can't get their selfishness fulfilled?


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And more content is right around the corner!