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Всякое разное: Больше об этом событии вы узнаете на странице его объявления.
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Hello Miners, We have a few more things to tease for Season 03. First up, something new has appeared in the caves of Hoxxes. We don’t want to spoil too much, but you might be able to spot it in this short clip:

We will be talking more about…whatever it is…very soon.

For something more hands-on (pun intended), check out the Springloaded Ripper, the second in the lineup of new grenades for Season 03:

This throwable workplace hazard unleashes a set of springloaded sawblades that will shred most organic matter it encounters. Operate with care and deadly precision. Management considers this new tool a prime example of why beer is not allowed on missions.

That’s it for this round - stay tuned for more teasers and upcoming reveals, and do be sure to catch our dev streams every Thursday and Friday on Twitch (channel: ghostship_games).

With Love,
The Ghost Ship Crew