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I've been playing season 2 quite regularly, I just reached level 130 on the performance pass today, yet I'm still missing 11 scrips to complete the cosmetic tree. I've even been re-rolling my challenges daily if they were XP rewards instead of scrip, but it still isn't enough.

I hope they increase the amount of scrip in the next season, I feel like the cosmetic tree is almost impossible to complete by December 3rd when season three starts.

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All the scrip needed is there - you must be missing something. Can you post a screenshot of the season screen? It might tell us more.

Edit: I'm thinking you need data cells from the prospector or the hacking event.
Also, it's not December 3.

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Originally posted by TheHunter767

Wow I didn't expect the legend himself to respond to my post :O

Here are all my screenshots, I don't think I missed anything but I could be wrong... Either way thanks so much for the help!

PS: Oh right it's November 3rd I'm stupid xD

Edit: I tried sorting them but somehow they got scrambled I'm sorry D:

The only thing I think you're missing is that you need to do the challenges for the data racks, which awards scrip. I've posted it internally to see if there are any other things it could be.

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Originally posted by TheHunter767

Yeah, I've been doing them whenever they popped up and after reaching level 100 I started re-rolling challenges to try and get more of them :/

Thanks for inquiring for me!

I think we're concluding it might be the Rival Presence and Sabotage challenges you're missing. If you roll those and they give XP, get back to me.
Also, in case you don't make it, the last things you're missing will just end up in the normal loot pool, so no stress. (though please get back to me either way, in case it is a bug)

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Originally posted by LemonZealousideal915

This is 100% not correct. I started playing 3 weeks ago, got all the data cells ans reached level 100 and redeemed every reward. There are not enough scripts by default. I was missing (give or take) 17 scripts, that I received by doing the scrip reward daily quests.

I think you misunderstood me. I am saying that you can get all scrip. The missing scrip you mentioned weren't missing at all - you're supposed to get them where you got them. I think there are 60 to get during the levels, 15 from the data cell events, and the rest come from the challenges by design. The challenges are rolled at random, so you can have a bit of bad luck and not get them as fast as you'd like.

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