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Inb4 "just don't drink the beer" or "just have a Leaf Lover's". The beer is in the game for fun and nothing else. For my request, there's a reason for it so bear with me.

Last night I was doing missions with my friend group and I drank a blackout stout, but I did not pass out before the drop pod launched for the mission. Veterans of the game know where this is going... my dwarf was drunk the entire mission.

Here is where the issue started... I have never gotten motion sickness before in my life. I started to try and play the mission and I got horribly, horribly motion sick. With no way to sober up, and being the host, I needed to just let my dwarf die and walk away from the computer and let my group be down a dwarf the entire mission.

So while I KNOW someone will STILL say "don't drink before the mission" or "sober up before the mission starts", then yes you are correct and I know to do that from now on. However, people who get motion sick easier than I will be missing out on fun of beer on the rig entirely as they wouldn't want to risk getting sick from it.

Anyway, just my thoughts. While I know now how to handle myself better in the game (don't be drunk on missions), I still think an option for all to turn off drunk dwarf effects in some fashion would be helpful from an accessibility stand point.

Thanks for reading!

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Stop downvoting Sbeve just because he got a little too drunk.