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Ok, so I know the title sounds stupid. "But OP, Hacksy is obviously built buy Deep Rock, the names line up and it's a robot". And y'know, that's what I thought too at first. However, there are a couple of things that are making me think otherwise.

First, HACK-C is the only robot to have DRG identification. Bosco, Dorretta, Molly, and Betsy all lack anything identifying them as property/workers of Deep Rock Galactic. But Hacksy? Hacksy wears a hat proudly displaying Deep Rock Galactic's initials. Rather weird, I'd say.

Second, and more importantly. HACK-C is the only robot who makes a round trip. save for Molly, Every other machine is, at best, abandon on Hoxxes. Bosco doesn't join you on the drop pod, Miners have to drag Doretta's head back to the drop pod themselves, which is completely optional. And the Betsy's where entirely abandon by corporate the moment the charge suckers started infecting them. But Hacksy? The moment they're done with the power station, they're rocketing right back up to the space rig.

So not only is this incredibly out of character for management. But I can't see any feesable reason that they'd want to recall Hacksy in the first place.

To Save resources? sense when does Management care about saving a couple robots.

So the rival incursion can't steal data from them? Maybe, but mission control doesn't seem much concerned by the prospect. They only want you to defend them so they can work properly. And even then, why not just Wipe Hacksy's memories or fry their drive?

Sentiment? Again, every other robot but Molly is entirely expendable. Hell, management advises against nicknaming robots specifically so miners don't get sentimental.

The only reason I could think of that Management would want to preserve HACK-C is because their code can't be easily replicated. Which might imply they're a special sort of AI that was either hired or rented out.

Thoughts? Am I looking too far into this?

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He goes back into space to protect his browser history. This is the hill I'll die on.

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Originally posted by Slavic_Taco

HACK-C needs to learn about Chrome Browser and Incognito Mode.

Where we are going, there's no incognito mode.