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The origin story of this game is that it was gonna be a short thing that sold a couple thousand. Enough to pay for the development and they'd move on. But. Now they're tied up with Sony? And have millions of players? All while still bringing up good content and good game play. The games balanced (mostly) and is rewarding. It's fun. The community is fantastic. Gotta respect them for it all. Damn.

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Best 30 bucks of my life and also bought all the dlc's so far, if the devs would need more money to keep it updated and supported i would sell my kidneys

Any heriditary diseases? Asking for a friend.

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Bit of an Segway but Supergiant are also a really good and passionate small dev team. They made Hades but honestly I think Pyre and Transistor are better games, there are still good devs out there, they are just way less common!

I need to go back to Pyre, but I really liked it. I had to force myself to get into Transistor for some reason, but once I did it was really good. I really enjoy Hades too, but it’s a different beast all together.