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Originally posted by imbalance24

if 1000 out of 40.000 players play Haz6 then there is realistically no demand present


You disgust me.

https://drg.mod.io/starship-troopers - 40k downloads, for f**k's sake, 12k subscribers

https://drg.mod.io/ike - 10k downloads

DRG's peak is 40k players

That's why we have mods.

Mods break with updates, mods replace vanilla hazards and mods confuse people since not much people read description.

Please point out where I said people should shut up

That part when you told there's "absolutely no need for Haz 6"

I'm stopping this discussion, I think it's pretty clear you're full of bullshit. Go back to your hazard 1, dumbbeard and live your miserable liars life.

"1000 out of 40000" while default "haz 6" mod has more subs than DRG average player count, FFS

Please moderate your language. I'm sure you can get your point across without insulting people.

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Originally posted by AftershockVlad

unfortunately, that won't happen. Only a small percentage of the player base is playing on Haz5, if I had to guess I think it would be around 7-8%. The demand for Haz6 is just not there and with all the new players now, I think we will never get any higher difficulty.

Can confirm that it's around 10% on Haz 5