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How would you all feel about teammates being able to strap objects to a Scout's back using the interact key?

Additional details:

  • The Scout could drop a strapped item with R-Click, meaning pickaxes would be disabled while carrying, but utility and weapons could be used.

  • When you mark a carryable, Bosco straps it to your back for you.

  • The Scout can't carry a second item in their hands, but they can sprint (maybe slight speed reduction).

  • This part's my favorite: Strappable items include all carryables, and Satchel Charges.

I feel this would be inline with Scout's current role as a fetcher / bringer of things, and would make him more versatile in a way that is both team-oriented and skill-based, and which doesn't mess with his current combat balancing, other than to let him participate more.

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There's a new mule in town.

Also, I'm on to you. You basically just want to strap C4 to the scout, and then detonate him once the blast won't hurt you.

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