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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Attention, Miners! More teasers are inbound. First, a quick look at what is coming to Hoxxes when Season 03 arrives. Last week you saw a brief glimpse of something previously not seen before in the caves. And this week, you get a closer (although briefer) look at this unknown entity.

Yup, that is definitely not robots.

But do you know what is? The Engineer’s new Grenade - the Shredder Swarm!

The Shredder Swarm Grenade spawns a swarm of reprogrammed Shredder Drones that will target any enemy in its vicinity. The Engineer has worked closely with R&D to ensure this miniature squadron of death does not target anything Dwarven. Management has complete faith in the reliability of this new addition to your arsenal, and can’t wait to see the improvements to productivity and overall deadlines brought forth by this flock of mechanical murderers.

We know you are excited for more, and we have more teasers coming soon. Stay tuned Miners!

Until then, get back to work.

Rock and Stone!

With Love
The Ghost Ship Crew

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