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Hello Miners,

We have fixed a crash when joining, made several fixes to the Grappling hook and fixed that your beer disappeared when saluting - Management was furious and people were shot out of launch tubes.

The Ghost Ship Crew


  • Fixed grappling gun not working from zipline

  • Grappling gun momentum upgrade was not triggering

  • Fixed Grapple Auto-switch to previous weapon

  • Grappling gun audio fixes

  • Fix Crash in DynamicReverb when joining missions

  • Fixed Acid Spitter projectile doing damage twice.

  • Fixed One of the Glyphid Swarmer attacks doing damage twice.

  • Fixed Grappling hook use inconsistent with holdt to sprint vs toggle

  • Fixed Saluting with beer in hand deletes the beer

  • Fixed Embedded detonators OC and other reload OCs triggering effects excessively

  • Fixed Zhukov's Embedded Detonators Overclock being excessively loud

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Originally posted by Chrisfiftytwo

Any chance to getting a fix for whatever broke the Chroma lighting? Been unable to get it to work after U35.

Unfortunately, it was disabled as the Chroma drivers were causing issues for non-Chroma users, I'm told.