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Originally posted by Apprehensive-Ice9809

Nobody gets banned, GSG could care less what you do with the product you bought.

Edit: my mistake, they do care, but OP won’t get banned for something like this.

Actually, we do care, which is one of the reasons we're adding better mod support.

Additionally, for a small(ish) coop PvE game, it's not really feasible to implement anti-cheat, or straight up ban people who take shortcuts like this. The number of resources we'd need to pour into that black hole would be better spent elsewhere.

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So if we accidentally cheat, we're okay? That's good to know! Still, cheating in a game like DRG is so lame. If you gave my account God Mode, literally the only think I would want to do is trade my Error Cubes for specific Overclocks so I can finally get Special Powder after 300 hours...

You’ll not be punished, no. Should it happen, you can revert to a previous save in options.