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I'm very curious to see if you get a response, as I have a buddy that also had their designs used by GSG (very clearly and brought up on a developer stream) and they still never provided credit even after they were reached out to. It's disappointing but not terribly surprising to see this potentially happen again with your work.

Edit: To be clear I'm also not terribly upset, it's just a bit disappointing and I mean to say that it'd be nice if they'd give credit and let people know if they're going to use something.

I remember this - I think our conversation got lost in an email or something - most likely on our end. He made some beard drawings where some of them inspired a bunch of beards going into the game, right? I think the case was that we shared the drawings internally because they were cool, and an artist had those in minds when they modelled a bunch of beards for the game, and we didn't realize that happened until they were out.

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Huh. the white-on-black icons they're using are drawn by me. I released them CCBY years ago.

Presumably they're just placeholders but still; neat.

Hey u/GSG_Jacob - if you don't already have your own people working on replacements, give me a bell. I'm a big DRG fan and can do much better now.

EDIT: I am not upset when I see people using the icons I released for free. I want people to use them. I released my icons CCBY. On purpose. I'm not being sarcastic when I say "neat". It's cool seeing them used in relation to a game I love. Even as placeholders.

In fact if anyone else wants to use them for their own projects, go check out https://game-icons.net/ where a more technically-minded soul has hosted most of them, alongside more from other people.

Hey! Missed the pings due to anniversary fatigue, but was just informed about the thread. Send me a message, so we can figure out proper attribution. Even if we're replacing them, they're in the trailer, so you should have gotten the attribution, but it got lost in the juggling between us and Funday.