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Hello Miners!

Oktoberfest has officially started on the Space Rig. ‘Tis time for beer, new hats, and work-related fun - and Management has supplied all of the above. Here’s what you can expect for the next two and a half weeks, in a bit more detail:

  • A new assignment, the Oktoberfest Celebration assignment is now available to all eligible employees*. Complete it and receive a hefty reward, alongside the two new hats (see below)
  • Two new hats, awarded in the Oktoberfest Celebration assignment (see above). Whether you favor the Kegger or the Trachtenhut, any of these two fine additions to your wardrobe will let anyone know that you were there at the DRG Oktoberfest 2022!
  • The Best Wurst Beer, a seasonal, sausage-flavored brew for the event. We have heard it described as Oktoberfest in a mug…among other things.
  • Earn Double Season XP! While Management had no issue securing enough of this new beer for the event, a shipment of Best Wurst Beer mugs crashed on approach and the mugs are now scattered across Hoxxes! Locating one during a mission and bringing it back will double your Mission Performance Points for that mission.
  • Oktoberfest Decoration on the Space Rig - and there’s a lot of decorations this time around. For some reason, Oktoberfest really lit the creative spark in the Party Committee. Go see for yourself!

Enjoy Oktoberfest, Miners! Management is both excited to bring you this new event and slightly worried about what two and a half weeks of drinking and partying will do to overall productivity. Guess we’ll find out!

Rock and Stone!

With Love,

The Ghost Ship Crew

Edit: There’s a visual bug where it doesn’t count the double Season XP on the end screen, if you found the beer mug in the caves. Don’t worry, it’s just drunk. You are getting the correct XP.

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Originally posted by DaFallus

They really need to stop putting out new content until they fix the network code. Since the beginning of Oktoberfest it only seems to have gotten worse. Every single round I play, someone gets disconnected. I just got disconnected during stage 2 of the edd, after our engi dc'd in the first stage. Its becoming a major issue.

At the very least, they need to have a workable solution for reconnecting to a game.

Please report any issues through our Discord. If there’s an uptick in problems, it helps us spot and reproduce it, making it a lot more likely to be fixed. At the very least add a bit more detail like platform, is it only with a certain host or any possible pattern or info you could imagine could be important.

That said, the people producing the content aren’t the people that are able to fix the netcode, so that wouldn’t really do much.

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