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"if we criticize this we get hounded on, banned, & censored"
Elaborate, please? Sorry, but this sounds completely made up.

I'm also no sure what you mean by "the devs need to actually work with some of the modders" - we already do. Those who run the modding discord are part of our closed tester team, and usually know how mods will be affected more than a month in advance, and AFAIK last update this was put to use.

When mods break, it's usually due to an engine update and not the seasonal content itself - also keep in mind that mods are tagged on to a game, and not part of it. They will always break, because we can in no way anticipate how someone made their mods work with Deep Rock Galactic.

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Originally posted by Planetside2_Archives

Me and others were harassed on steam for making similar posts in regards to this newer modding system. And when we finally fed into the trolls WE were banned from the discussion board. And thanks I didn't know you coordinated as such with modders, but what I meant was game development, I solo and play a more larger and challenging version of DRG and feel like mods such as *Mission Content Randomizer* by Gabe should be a core part of the gameplay experience, mods like that combined with many others make DRG truly epic and unlike anything else in modern day video games. I surmise larger more complex caves, longer missions, larger swarms, larger weapon mag sizes and more buffs for the players add for more engaging and immersive gameplay.
That's literally it.

Well, then you're not really banned or censored for your opinion, but for the way it's relayed - that is a bit different.

Anywho, while Mission Content Randomizer is great, it's also completely broken regarding the game it builds upon, and that's exactly it. When you make a game, you have to set some restraints that make up the game, like where to draw the line and tie a nice knot on something. The beauty of MCR (and mods in general) is that they can operate outside that space and break the limits we as developers have set on ourselves to deliver a game in a nice package. It might not be exactly the game you want, but it's hopefully more polished and has focused on a few things instead of shooting blind. While MCR is great for people who have seen it all and want much more, I don't think it would be the best pile of content to throw at most players because it's just... a lot. It's a super impressive mod made by a single person in the spirit of DRG, but I'd wager it would also take a lot of work to translate and make it fit into the game, and that's perfectly fine. It's part of the charm too.

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Careful, Jacob. I tried to tell these people that if GSG is verifying mods, it does make them official content and some got a little upset about it. It might be wise to set the clear boundaries so people know who to whine to when their unofficial code breaks.

Well, that's pretty much been moved to the community now, so hah!