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As we near the end of Season of the Haunted, we want to pause a moment and look around at all of the beautiful, albeit somewhat spooky at times, artwork that brought the universe to life. The environments, the weapons, and the armor are all carefully crafted by a huge team of artists. We have invited a few of them to share some of their favorite pieces. You can also click through their links below if you want to see even more amazing artwork.  

“I was thrilled to help light the new Duality dungeon. Working on this was a wonderful, collaborative effort between design, art, and our team of testers and producers. I’d like to give particular kudos to Eve Astra for driving the initial art direction of this map.”  Adam Alexander 

Caliban's Hand  “When I first saw this concept, I had a lot of gratitude because I absolutely loved it. There were a lot of challenging angles, but I hope my art can express to you how cool it is! It's so over the top with knives, and as a Hunter main, we can always do with more knives, right?”  Demi Du 

“monke”  Cherylynn Lima

Thad Steffen

Ben Platnick

Brandi Munroe

Mark Flieg

Jacob Gonzalez

Eric Pfeiffer

Heather Parsons

Lani Ming

Mike Poe

Chase Markham 

Alexandra Jackson

Andrew Bonczyk

Seth Perlstein