15 Aug

As we near the end of Season of the Haunted, we want to pause a moment and look around at all of the beautiful, albeit somewhat spooky at times, artwork that brought the universe to life. The environments, the weapons, and the armor are all carefully crafted by a huge team of artists. We have invited a few of them to share some of their favorite pieces. You can also click through their links below if you want to see even more amazing artwork.  

“I was thrilled to help light the new Duality dungeon. Working on this was a wonderful, collaborative effort between design, art, and our team of testers and producers. I’d like to give particular kudos to Eve Astra for driving the initial art direction of this map.”  ... Read more

28 Jul

This week at Bungie, we’re planning a raid date night.  
Happy Solstice, everyone! The bonfire is lit, there is grass in the Tower, and Guardians are donning their new armor with the stats and glows to go with it. We hope you are enjoying your time in the EAZ this year. We have been tracking your feedback on what you are liking about the event, changes that aren’t feeling good, as well as any improvements you would like to see added. Thanks for sharing your feedback and keep it coming. 
We’ve got a busy TWAB planned for you today. As promised, we will be going over the launch date of the next raid and then also talking over some matchmaking changes rolling out in Season 18 and Season 19. 
Let's get into it.  

Raid the Date 

Coming up in Season 18 will be our second go at bringing a raid out of the Destiny Content Vault and this time it’s going to be... [REDACTED]. Sorry, we’re saving the reveal of which raid is coming to D... Read more

14 Jul

This week at Bungie, we are getting ready for Solstice! 

Hello everyone and welcome back to another edition of This Week at Bungie. Right now, Iron Banner is going strong as teams battle to grab the Rift and quite literally dunk on their opponents. If you haven’t heard yet, this Season’s Iron Banner has been shaken up with not only a new mode but several other updates to the event from earning reputation and pinnacle rewards to even a new Iron Lord title. Check out this previous TWAB for the full details
Speaking of Iron Lord, this is the last Iron... Read more

16 Jun

This week at Bungie, zones.  

Welcome back to the TWAB. How have you been? It might seem a bit odd to ask you that since we are speaking in this medium to a broad audience, but the important thing is we care about you and hope you are doing well. 
It’s another exciting week in the world of Destiny. The story continues to play out through Sever missions; no spoilers here but it’s been fun watching you experience the story as it unfolds week over week. This week’s Nightfall is a tough one in The Corrupted, but if you rise to the challenge, you have your first shot at earning Horror’s Least Pulse Rifle. On the PvP side, this week is your first chance to take advantage of short cooldowns with Solar 3.0 by having some fun in Mayhem. 

Control Those Zones 

Control is a staple mode in the Crucible. It’s a hybrid of a traditional deathmatch mode of racking up points by defeating enemies and an objective mode where you get points for ... Read more

14 Jun

Back in March, gorgeous art poured out from an Art Blast on ArtStation featuring The Witch Queen and Season of the Risen content. Go check it out if you haven’t already. There were a few pieces we had to save until now to avoid spoilers and some that we didn’t get a chance to feature from the 30th Anniversary Event. Below you will find art and links to even more of our amazing artists' creations on their portfolio sites. Enjoy!  

... Read more

05 May


Before we get into it, we wanted to take a moment to reiterate talk about the commitment we made as a company earlier this week in response to the leaked draft decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade. Standing up for reproductive choice and liberty is not a difficult decision to make, and we remain dedicated to upholding these values. You can read our full statement here

This week at Bungie, the third annual Guardian Games have begun.  
Welcome back sports fans! The Guardian Games ha... Read more

26 Apr



  • Fixed an issue where killing a Hive Ghost was granting more than one revive token in activities. 
  • Fixed an issue where Grandmaster The Lightblade and Birthplace of the Vile were not contributing to the Total Conquest Triumph. 


  • Fixed an issue allowing players to exit the play area on Eternity. 


  • Fixed an issue where killing the Envoys would not drop the Primeval’s shield. 
  • Fixed an issue where the Primeval would not appear after  banking 100 Motes. 

Gameplay and Investment  


  • Synthoceps 
      • Fixed an issue where the Biotic Enhancements perk prevented shattering an encased player with an uncharged melee. 
  • Renewal Grasps  
      • While equipped, Renewal Grasps now increases the base cooldown of the Duskfield Grenade from 62s to 152s.  
      • The outg...
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11 Jan




  • Fixed an issue in Iron Banner and Momentum Control playlists where capturing a zone on certain maps did not reward Super energy and show "zone captured" text. 
  • Iron Banner Freelance node now properly displays the longer respawn time setting.  

Dares of Eternity 

  • Lowered recommended Power level to 1100. 
  • Fixed an issue where players could be auto launched into Dares of Eternity before acquiring a Heavy weapon. 
  • Additional physics objects are cleaned up between rounds to prevent crashes during long Dares sessions. 
  • Fixed an issue where rewards level (platinum, etc) would be displayed at the end of the activity in regular difficulty. 

Presage Exotic Mission 

  • Fixed an issue preventing players from interacting with datapads within the Presage Exotic mission. Datapads and their connected compartments/chests must be accessed i...
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16 Dec

Late last week, an article posted by IGN reported on stories and experiences from several current and former employees here at Bungie. Our CEO, Pete Parsons, responded to the contents that were shared within the article and laid out the significant changes we’ve made and areas in which we will continue to improve. We are nowhere near where we want to be, but we are committed to continue working towards diversity, equity, and inclusion in our studio and the community at large. We believe that an inclusive and diverse team that prioritizes work and life harmony wi... Read more

09 Dec

This week at Bungie, we’re celebrating our 30th anniversary! 

As you may have noticed, we held back a lot of what we had planned for 30th. There were a lot of questions about when the trailer would go live, but we saved it until just a few hours before launch to keep the spoilers to a minimum and the surprise and delight at max volume. If you haven’t got a chance to watch it or just want to rewatch it because it’s really awesome, here you go! 

Three decades is a long time to be making games. Everyone at Bungie loves getting to create things to entertain our community and we’ve had a blast finally watching everyone jump in and experience 30th Anniversary this week. Thanks for joining us to celebrate with a ton of new items and experiences in the game. 
There is cool content to buy with the pack, but everyone is able to participate, with plenty of free content to go around.  

Free to all players!  

... Read more

24 Nov

This week at Bungie, we are celebrating Gjallardays. 

Early TWAB this week, but it’s also a short one. Since last week we dropped a six-thousand-word thesis, that will hopefully hold you over. Here in the U.S., we have a short week due to a turkey-related holiday where many thanks are given. Wherever you are and whatever holidays you have coming up, we hope you get to spend some time with your families. But feel free to sneak away to play some Destiny if the parade is dragging on and the Lions game has gotten out of hand. 


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11 Nov

This week at Bungie, we got guns over here.  

We have a lot to cover this week so I am going to keep this intro short so we can get into it. We have a new emblem for you, new Trials Labs info, a long list of weapon changes, a new fashion magazine cover, more Bungie Bounties, and a partridge in a pear tree. Actually, scratch the last one, it’s only November. 

Be True

Everyone at Bungie, both trans developers and allies alike, stand in support of our transgender and gender nonconforming community. We join the call to end anti-trans violence and discrimination. The stars burn brighter because of your courage, unwavering strength, and pursuit of truth. 
Ahead of Transgender Awareness Week, which celebrates the lives of the transgender and gender nonconforming community from November 13th through the 19th, we are proud to announce our new trans pride emblem, “Be True.” Your light inspires, helping guide us all on a path to a be... Read more

28 Oct

This week at Bungie, we’re replacing the Flawless pool.  
  We are about to hit the fever pitch of spookiness. Ghosts are around every corner, and we don’t mean the friendly type that revives you after taking too much damage. Sadly, that means that it’s almost time to start packing up the Tower decorations and saying goodbye to Eva Levante. It’s the final week of Festival of the Lost, you have until the reset on Tuesday November 2 to finish your books, eat your candy, and wrap up any unfinished business you have with the event. 
We’ve recently fixed up some issues with Candy and Spectral Page drops from Public Events and Trials of Osiris, so if you’re still jamming out some pages to finish your book, don’t sleep on these activities! Throw on a mask, eat some candy, and earn some rewards. 
While you are extracting whatever loot you can from the Headless Ones, Trials of Osiris will also start up tomorrow and run until the FOTL ends at reset as usual. We... Read more

14 Oct

This week at Bungie, we celebrate Festival of the Lost 2021.   

It’s officially the spookiest time of year and we have begun our celebration of fright-filled fun with our annual celebration and remembrance of those we've lost. This year we kicked things off with a rawr.

Yeah, #TeamDino is the hottest costume this year, but that’s not all we’ve got up our sleeves. If you're up for a scary fun activity, check out the new Haunted Sectors playlist. There are spooky stories, exploding pumpkin heads, and loot galore. Don’t forget about getting lots and lots of candy now that you have extra-long sweet tooths... teeth? Go check out our ... Read more

30 Sep

This week at Bungie, we introduced our new D&I club. 

The TWAB must go on. We are deep into Season of the Lost now. New secrets are unfolding in the Shattered Realm each week and the plot is thickening up real nice. We don’t want to spoil anything here but make sure you are keeping up with Seasonal quest and give Crow a hug for us. 
This week the Iron Banner rages on. In case you missed it or haven’t played this week. We increased the score target from 125 to 150 to match the base Control mode. We also adjusted the Mercy threshold to try and reduce the number of games that end shortly before a team reaches the score target. Let us know how these new changes feel. With Iron Banner being live this weekend we are giving Trials the weekend off. But we wanted to give one more update on how week three went. 

Clinical Trials Debrief 

Last weekend was the third weekend of our ongoing “test and learn.” The two big changes this week... Read more

23 Sep

This week at Bungie, we are heading to the lab. 

Tomorrow, we are kicking off our first Trials Labs. These experimental weekends will allow us to test out targeted changes to the game mode and collect data and feedback on what works and what should remain an abomination of science. In keeping with our Trials revamp this Season, we are sticking to our “test and learn” mindset not only with Labs, but also with matchmaking, rewards, and other quality of life improvements. 
This week, the normal Trials of Osiris playlist is replaced with Trials Labs: Capture Zone. This new mode is still Elimination, with the following changes: 
  • 30 seconds after the round starts, a capture zone is enabled. Players can capture this zone to win the round – or just eliminate the other team like normal. 
      • The capture zone has a waypoint from round start, including a countdown timer, so everyone will know exactly when and where it will be. 
Read more

16 Sep


Gameplay and Investment  


  • Fixed an issue where Precious Scars was not correctly restoring player shields on matching weapon kills.
  • Fixed an issue where Prometheum Spurs would not consistently spawn combination rifts on kills while rift energy is full.
  • Fixed an issue where Dawn Chorus no longer extended burn damage.
  • The issues regarding Wormgod Caress and Radiant Dance Machines have been resolved and these armor pieces have been re-enabled in all activities.


  • Increased the effect of both the impact and detonation of Explosive Light on Rocket Launchers to now increase damage by 25%. 
  • Fixed an issue where Danger Zone was not functioning correctly on Rocket Launchers. 
  • Increase the cooldown of Shoot to Loot to four seconds.  
  • This is a temporary measure to prevent shooting a brick that can't be picked up to trigger the auto-reload. 
  • Fixed an i...
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This week at Bungie, we sent you out on a new quest. 

It’s a new week and we kicked off a brand-new quest. Ager’s Scepter is a weapon worthy of a king, errr a prince. Either way it’s yours for the taking. Sorry Crow, no hard feelings since you did... you know. 

This new Exotic Stasis Trace Rifle is sure to chill your enemies out. I was going to start listing off Mr. Freeze quotes, but I’ll spare you this time. If you have purchased Season of the Lost, you can start this quest by speaking with the Queen, Mara Sov. If you’ve already obtained the weapon, nice job! You can start hunting for the catalyst after the reset on September 21. 
That is not all that is going on this week. We’ve heard some chatter around some new discoveries in the Shattered Realm. We don’t like spoiling secrets though, so you’ll need to go investigate. Or just go check YouTube, we aren’t the boss of you.   We also released a new calendar this week to ... Read more

02 Sep

This week at Bungie, we travel through the Ley Lines.   

Another week, another TWAB. The last four have been mega Godzilla ... Read more

19 Aug

This week at Bungie, we’re talking weapons.  

This is it, the last TWAB of the Season. It’s been a blast watching Guardians splice their way through the Vex network, tackle Vault of Glass, and pile up a ton of new rewards during Season of the Splicer. We have jam packed a lot of Destiny moments since Beyond Light debuted last fall. As we prepare to look forward next week, let's take a look back at some of the most epic of Destiny moments.  

We are less than a week away from the big reveal showcase. No spoilers but we have a tune-in page set up and will be streaming on both ... Read more