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Trying to get specific world loot pool weapons with any consistency is nigh impossible currently, and it’s honestly pretty inexcusable when we previously had a system that fixed this problem for the most part (before it was inexplicably removed); Umbral engram focusing.

The system wasn’t perfect (Unable to pick an exact weapon, some weapons were seemingly weighed way more heavily to appear, ect.) but it was a godsend to what we have now for going for world loot pool weapons, which is basically nothing.

If the reason for Umbral’s removal was something like too many different engrams, then just make seasonal engrams be useable to focus for world loot weapons. We REALLY need a consistent way to get these weapons, because the nothing we have now isn’t cutting it.

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Destiny Weapons and Economy teams here! We feel the same way, and are excited to mention that foundry weapon focusing is making a permanent return in Season 23!

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