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I can't imagine being pulled in on the weekend and virtually working nonstop until you find a solution.

(Edit: To be clear yes I know that's what they signed up for. I'm still saying that I'm proud of the work they do, and I, personally, cannot imagine taking a job like that. Just because you signed up for a hard job does not mean you aren't allowed to be recognized for hard work during that job).

The glitch was incredibly fun and I enjoyed the time I had, but I know when I was having fun, there were a team of emergency triage developers working as hard as possible to patch the ugliest, most broken, most game-defying build breaking exploit that's ever shown up in this game...ever.

And doing it on a notoriously unstable spaghetti code and still getting it safely patched out!

Thank you Triage Devs for your hard work. Others may not appreciate you, but we do. It's a necessary job <3

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Hey Guardians! Thank you so much for the love and support. We know this one has been impactful, but glad to see a lot of you had some fun with it. It's been fun watching some of these franken-weapons come to life. Feel free to share some of your favorites.