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My warlock is totally inaccessible including all of the weapons and armor in his inventory. I get an instant weasel error when I try to access it from either of my 2 playstations.

In addition to that, none of my characters are accessible via bungie.net or any of the 3rd party sites.

My hunter and titan both work fine in game, although I am reduced to transferring gear between them using the in game vault.

Here is a video showing that my warlock can't be accessed, but my hunter and titan are just fine.


I'm posing here for visibility since I've only found a handful of others with this issue at the moment, so I'm not sure how high on bungie's priority it is. For me, this has been happening for the last 24 hours or so. For the few others I've found, I believe it has been quite a bit longer.

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Originally posted by RevanTheDragon

Hi there, I know this is an extremely old comment but I'm wondering if this has been fixed yet. A friend of mine always gets error code Bird on their warlock but no other characters. Is there any known workaround?

Phew, yeah it was a long time ago! I unfortunately don't know. Several years ago I moved over to working on AI Systems, and I don't have much visibility into that side of things anymore.

If you can convince them to do so, see if you can get your friend to hit up the BungieHelp twitter and have him PM them with the details of what happened when the error first started and a link to their profile, as well as which platform they are playing on. Hopefully they can provide some assistance!

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Originally posted by RevanTheDragon

Thank you very much, and I apologise for replying to a 4 year old comemnt haha. I'll make sure to forward this to them!!

No worries! I hope your friend is able to get fixed up!

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