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This week in Destiny, we’re continuing to unravel the mysteries of Nessus with our new best pal, Failsafe. With so much going on the past few weeks, we’re taking a bit of a breather this week, but we have some amazing art to share and an update from our Raid and Dungeon and Systems design teams.

List of topics for the week:

  • ArtStation The Final Shape Art Blast.
  • Raid and dungeon updates.
  • Grandmaster Nightfalls return next week.
  • Player Support Report.
  • Movie and Art of the Week. ##The Art of The Final Shape

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The epic environments, fearsome-looking Dread, and elegant beauty of the Prismatic subclass all have one thing in common. They came from the minds of the incredibly talented artists here at Bungie. And now we want to share a look inside the art that helped bring The Final Shape to life. Head over to ArtStation to check out the art of The Final Shape in all its stunning glory.

Raid and Dungeon Update

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We have a few raid and dungeon details to share, including some upcoming dates and details on a change we’re planning in the near term. Let's jump in.

The Final Shape brought a few changes to the raid and dungeon experience. First, the difficulty tiers and Power Level caps were reworked, altering the difficulty for many Power Enabled activities. At the same time, surges were added to raids, offering a damage boost for certain damage types on a weekly rotation. We’ve seen a lot of discussion and different numbers provided for how this impacts the raid and dungeon experience, so we wanted to first give a quick clarification on the net change for incoming and outgoing damage in raids and dungeons in the Final Shape

% Change in The Final Shape

Damage Source Power Cap Raids Dungeons
Outgoing -5 -33% +2%
Outgoing + Surge -5 -15% +28%
Incoming -5 +32% +17%
Incoming +15 +3% -8%

These are numbers specifically for regular combatants (Dregs, Acolytes, etc.). More difficult combatants may scale a bit differently.

Raids and dungeons had different settings previously. However, being very similar to each other, they were changed to use the same settings in The Final Shape to be more consistent.

While the outgoing damage is capped at –5, in the Power Enabled matchmade difficulties (Standard and Advanced), players will continue to increase defensive effectiveness beyond the Target Power. The Target Power display focuses on offensive output for UI/UX reasons. This means that players will continue to reduce incoming damage up to +15 in Standard and +10 in Advanced. In our chart above, you can see that players only take slightly more damage in raids at +15, while they take less damage in dungeons than before The Final Shape.

With that context in mind, we have been listening to the feedback around how surges have been impacting player build choice, and we’re going to make a change.

Upcoming Changes

We have decided to remove surges from raids and dungeons in next week's update, as well as to adjust tuning so that you’ll perform as if you had them across the board. This means the damage bonus will now be applied to all subclass damage types, including Kinetic, by default. This change will make outgoing damage in dungeons higher and reduce the difference in raids compared to before The Final Shape. It does so while removing barriers to buildcrafting. We’ll continue to monitor feedback and see how this update plays out for everyone.

Salvation’s Edge Master Difficulty

Master difficulty for Salvation’s Edge will be available starting on June 25. If you’re looking for a little additional challenge, grab your fireteam and show what you’re made of, Guardians.

Grandmaster Nightfall

Grandmaster difficulty for Nightfall is returning on June 25 with The Glassway as the featured Nightfall. If you’re looking for a Grandmaster challenge today, Grandmaster Excision is now available.

Player Support Report


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Known Issues List | Help Forums | Bungie Help Twitter


We are currently investigating issues around the acquisition of the Khvostov 7G-0X Exotic Auto Rifle. Players should keep the following information in mind when working to acquire this weapon:

Motes of Light

Players should ensure they have collected and placed all Visions of the Traveler in addition to defeating all Overthrow bosses in each area. We additionally recommend that players who only need to defeat the Taken Servitor boss in The Blooming attempt to kill it a couple of times, including returning to orbit between runs.

We are aware of an issue where the Triumphs that track which Overthrow bosses have been killed are not functioning correctly. Players should not be using those Triumphs as confirmation that they have successfully defeated all unique Overthrow bosses.

Encryption Bits

Players should ensure they have collected all region chests in The Pale Heart in addition to searching all of the rubble piles in the Cyst activities.

We are aware of a separate issue, where the Triumphs for opening the region chests and searching the rubble piles can be unintentionally completed before meeting the intended requirements. Players are advised to re-run all of the Cyst activities and make sure every rubble pile has been searched.

Once all of the intended chests and rubble piles have been interacted with, players should be rewarded the Lost Encryption Code, regardless of how many bits have appeared in their inventory.


The Prismatic Destined Heroes, Lost in the Light, and Found in the Dark quests can only be completed once per account.

Players who purchased The Final Shape Campaign Skip Boost or who are attempting to acquire Prismatic on alternate characters will instead need to play the six Adventures available in the Lost City to unlock their Prismatic abilities.


While we continue investigating various known issues, here is a list of the latest issues that were reported to us in our #Help Forum:

  • The Mote of Light drop from Koftiks, Taken By The Witness, may be flung from the boss on defeat, resulting in it not appearing directly where they fell.
  • The Golden Tricorn perk is incorrectly tied to players’ Super damage type instead of their grenade or melee.
  • The Winter's Guile doesn't auto-shatter enemies frozen with Penumbral Blast when using Prismatic subclass.
  • Completing the Lightfall campaign on Legendary difficulty does not award a choice of an Exotic item.
  • Two-Tailed Fox does not benefit from elemental weapon surge armor mods.
  • Players are unable to claim the Trials of Osiris rank 10 reputation reward.

For a full list of emergent issues in Destiny 2, review our Known Issues article. If you observe other issues, please report them to our #Help forum.

Memento Mori x6

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Cayde always made the worst possible gambles... and still won every time. It was probably because of those Lucky Pants of his. We love you, buddy.

Spectreman via Bungie.net

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Player 2 Has Entered The Game

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Being a dad is wonderful, but sometimes your kid just wants to play Bluey: The Videogame so your Destiny 2 raid loot has to wait until next time.

*Movie of the Week: *


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That’s all we have for this week. Hopefully you’re settling into The Final Shape and Echoes, getting some nice Exotic Class Items and Ergo Sum rolls, testing some crazy Prismatic builds, and earning patterns for the new weapons. And having tons of fun, of course!

Let's keep doing that.

Destiny 2 Community Team

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Originally posted by crookedleaf

still no mention of the precious scars + sol invictus bug

Just checked on this and it looks like we have a fix for Precious Scars not working as intended targeting to go live next week.