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So the overall goal here is to play with this with 5-6 friends, and no one else.

So my understanding is I can modify the length of time before the meteor hits, to give us more time, since we will not be many on the server. Can anyone tell me if this will actually work correctly?

Also, how do the servers work... If I create a game and invite my friends, what happens when I go offline and one of them want to play?

Any additional information, would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I read is this leaving early access this year?

ty for the help guys!

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Originally posted by barcased

It is nigh-to-impossible to chop all the trees down or kill all the animals.

Firstly, there are too many of those to be taken out by one person in time before more trees grow and more of the animals spawn.

Secondly, you cannot chop anything that is on a claim of another person (unless that person gives you authorization).

Thirdly, you can kick/ban anyone you don't want to be on your server.

And most important, and fourthly: You can make laws against that in the game mechanics.

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Originally posted by WeRelic

Can anyone tell me if this will actually work correctly?

As far as I know, yes you can set the time period on the meteor and it should work as intended. You should also be able to disable it entirely if you like.

how do the servers work

If you host the server yourself;
It'll run in the background as long as you leave the server executable running. You don't have to be online yourself, but your computer must have internet access & have the EcoServer.exe running. This option is "free", only costing you electricity and the time to set up the network appropriately. This is completely viable for a small server if you're technically inclined enough to set it up.

Alternatively; You can rent a hosted server from a server provider (just google eco game server hosting). The cost on this option will vary depending on the host and how many player slots you want.

leaving early access this year

That is the dev's plan according to their steam store page, but that doesn't mean that is a guarantee.

I doubt that goal can be held after corona hit us as well and we had a full restructuring internally, but we have not yet set any new date, so there is not much I could say to that.