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So I noticed in the Eco Infinite notes that SLG plans to add an optional exhaustion limit to servers which I feel like is a step towards tackling the biggest issue I have with the game and could resolve a lot of problems. However, I feel like perhaps a system to digest the food gradually would also be really beneficial especially for increasing the value of manual labor. Instead of just eating 10 foods and instantly receiving all of your calories to continue working, you can only fit enough food in your stomach to fill your calorie circle which queue up to be digested overtime and slowly return calories. This means higher quality protein and fat rich food take longer to digest which would be a trade-off for laborers vs crafters. Crafters will be incentivized to seek out labor from others if they want to keep their SP gains while professions like suppliers and laborers who offer value with their labor can choose to eat calorie rich, carb rich, fast food like burgers and snacks that give calories at a fast rate to allow for much more labor in a shorter period of time but give low quality SP gains and an imbalanced diet.

Let me know what you think!

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That just sounds like those action limits on mobile games, and then you have to buy gems with real money to do more

No worries, this is an optional feature servers can use and we expect most servers to not to, it's for those people that really want that. None of the official servers will use that.