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Eco does not overwrite configs on updates since several versions, only the .template files are overwritten, so whatever changes your configs, it's not Eco. (Also make sure that you actually press the save button if you change stuff via the Server UI and note that the settings are global for all worlds, so if you create a new world with different settings, the old worlds will also have these)

In regards to the disconnect symbol for /serverui I'll have some tries to reproduce made, thanks for the report. Did you tab out of the game to check if the UI did open nontheless?
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Thanks for the additional info. I have tried to reproduce but was not able to, the Server UI correctly popped up immediately and the game tabbed out to display it, while the server was continuing to run fine. What operating system do you use and is there anything else that could be special for your system?
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Oh, then it is very likely that Steam didn't correctly update it, there had been several issues over the years where Steam was unable to correctly update, so full reinstalls were required. Thanks for noting!
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In the meanwhile, there is known issues with the storage link range multiplier after restarts which are already fixed for an upcoming minor update. We also found issues relating to the weight multiplier that occur when especially high or low values have been used and other circumstances come together, this is also solved for the next minor update, may entail a limit on the range of the options for now, though, as the problem behind it is a bit bigger than we can fix for a minor update without danger of introducing bigger problems. So, these are actual bugs, do not seem to reset the actual configuration files though, which led me on a wrong track.

Also no worries, all good, really appreciating it though.