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i have a question regarding pipes and air pollution.

This problem occurred on my unmodded server and on my singleplayer game for testing it further.

While operating a blast furnace for example i build a long pipeline to not pollute my surrounding base. But the pollution still occurs right above the blast furnace and the pipes ending is without pollution.

The pipes ending smokes and the blast furnace shows the ending of the pipeline in coordinates.

Now is this:

Dumb me?

Known Bug

a Feature?

Sorry for my horrible english, i hope you could understand my problem.

I am thankful for every response and wish you all a merry christmas.

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23 days ago - /u/SLG-Dennis - Direct link

This is not a bug, but intended. You can only transport smoke up to ten blocks horicontally, as those are supposed to be chimneys, which you simply cannot make go horicontally forever. It's an exploit fix. If you exceed these limits the smoke will simply plop out on top of the machine.