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Originally posted by ShizNator: Question when you changed from full integer to decimal did you add the float suffix.

this.MaturityAgeDays = 5; this.MaturityAgeDays = 0.1f;

Hey, thank you for answering. I actually figured this out by myself, but now I have another (cosmetic) problem. I changed MaturityAgeDays to 0.1f, which is 2h 24min. So I slept (two times, 5 hours in complete). After that, the tress had grown just a little bit, they were slightly taller than before. But when I cut one down, I get a much smaller version of the normal tree trunk. I can cut it down into very tiny pieces, which have actually the same amount of logs as the normal sized pieces. But it really doesnt look beautiful like that.
That is normal, Eco trees do not update faster in how they look, no matter what you configure, as they are made with a growth of days in mind. Updating tree size visually more often would cause big performance impact and hence won't be done.

So if you want such short growth times, you'll unfortunately live with trees being especially small or alternatively need to relog to the game every time you want to update them visually. Depending on several factors, leaving the area and unloading the chunks might work as well, though not in all cases.