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Not sure if that makes sense as nearly everyone building houses makes them out of matching materials already, so it would pretty much be a buff to everyone. On top, we do want people to experiment with other materials for diversity, so that wouldn't help with this either.
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Originally posted by binxmuldoon123: Yeah that makes a lot of sense. I guess there are two kinds of players out there. For me the game isn't about building neat looking things the way I want. I'm fascinated by maximizing my bonuses while still adhering to the "rules" you have to follow to upgrade your place I honestly hadn't even considered that some people prioritize appearance over ease of building/price of materials. I'm the type of person that doesn't like creative mode in minecraft.
Now that I think about it there is a perk that is similar to what I was suggesting but it pertains to crafting stations, the one that requires .2 more room tier but reduces resources needed by 5 percent. So I'll have to be satisfied with that. Keep up the good work!
I don't think that is related. Most buildings I see are aesthetically not pleasing and min-maxing but still made out of the same resource, that just seems to be most efficient as well.
Originally posted by castitatis: On public MP worlds, It highly depends on what your professions are. A mason will most likely make their building almost entirely out of mortared stone/bricks/reinforced concrete.
The cook however will most likely be trading for both glass, lumber and bricks and is more likely to build out of multiple resources then the carpenter or mason.

What might make more sense, is having a system in place similar to reputation, where people can go around and rate a house they don't live in on how good they think it looks.
We've had people come by our bases on occasion saying how nice it looked, them giving us a small 1-2 bonus to exp gain for voting that our building looks good wouldn't break any progression progress.

Might be annoying to implement and cause 100000 bugs though.
Punishing those that cannot create their own building materials would go the wrong way though. As far as the rating goes, that's actually something that has been in debate internally for a while.