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Strange Loop Games is a full remote company - we have no office, most of our staff is from Europe and Russia, good bunch in Australia, some in USA and some in other countries. It's registered as company in the USA, where it started out very long ago as a company with office.
14 days ago - SLG-Dennis - Direct link
Maybe it helps to know that we actually had never intended to have any official servers to begin with. The only reason we actually introduced them was because some players in negative reviews had issues with admin abuse on some private servers - we still took an approach to manage them at least somewhat like community servers as that is where we think people should experience Eco.

Official server White Tiger for example was my private community server before. I just continued it as an official server, but nothing really changed - it even has many people of the former resident community.

We provide official servers in a economically viable world-central region that makes it acceptable for the vast majority of players to play on them and design them by having different setups, rules and target groups, incentivizing different regions playing there instead of splitting them up by region. That worked very well so far and the interest in additional servers has not been there in any sufficient numbers, including when we had US servers and they weren't used. Keep in mind the idea we have of servers also needs a lot of manpower to setup and volunteers to administrate the servers, which we do unfortunately not have.

As I stated elsewhere all feedback is monitored, as well as the player situation (with much higher numbers we naturally need more servers) and we will consider changing things once it does make sense from our view. I fully understand that is disappointing for some people that want to play on a US official server, but I ask for understanding on why we decided to do it like we do as well.