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Wiped 1/22 at 7:00 PM EST

Server Name: Us Noobs

Server Location: US Central

Server Language: English

Server Owner: NickLG, DacadeXI

Server Admins: N1ght_Shift, Rood Boog, SA_Snow_Queen, Trinity Rising, V

World Details

World Size: 1.96km2

World Difficulty: High Collab - new players welcome.

World Objective: To build great looking cities with a functional government.

Starting Skills: 2 Starting Skills Points

Skillrate: 1x


Discord: wEUyjgd

Live link: https://discord.gg/M8YbWvKU

Server Description: We are a mostly 18+ crew looking for dedicated players that are interested in destroying the meteor and building past that. This server has been around for 3+ years and there is always a good mix of experienced AND new players. Our last wipe was on 11/24 and we wiped sooner than usual due to some technical issues and a rocky start. We encourage ALL players to join the Discord for rules and updates - joining voice is not a requirement.

Server Rules:

  1. No griefing.
  2. No random claiming of land. Please only claim what you intend to use! This includes random resource claiming. Anyone who claims random land will have it removed with no warning.
  3. No claiming on the edge of someone else's property without their permission! Only time this is acceptable is if a town is planned/laid out.
  4. Removing roads is okay, as long as you put them back when you're done.
  5. Respect staff and all other players.
  6. At times we may hold special events that may give double XP or free items at random times.
  7. Finders keepers! ONLY IF the abandoned property was left by a player in the ABANDONED DEMOGRAPHIC, it is fair game. IF something is unclaimed and it's from an ACTIVE PLAYER, DO NOT TOUCH!
  8. Alts ( multiple accounts) Will not be tolerated. If we suspect someone is using an alt, we will investigate. If it's determined it is an alt, it will be an automatic ban for the alt. If you have more than one alt and still try to use it, all accounts to that IP will be banned.
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Originally posted by usnoobsgaming

LOL - rood here, yes! Born 12/19/2020 :)

Congratulations! :)